Brigitte Bardot and the Iconic Wedding Dress That Revolutionized Fashion

It was just the end of the ’50s and the iconic BB was already trying to upset fashion industry.

Brigitte Bardot was ahead of her time when she opted to wear a pink gingham dress to wed actor Jacques Charrier, known on the set of Babette Goes To War, in the summer of 1959.

brigitte bardot wedding dress

That particular fabric, in that period of the mid ‘900, was only used for kitchen curtains. So, when Bardot came out with a wedding dress made with that cloth, everyone was astounded.

Rumor has it that when BB stepped out of the church, after the wedding, she was literally assaulted by photographers asking her to pose for them. She started shouting “No! No! No!” with tears in her eyes, but then she allowed them to take pictures of her and Jacques.

These are the pictures taken on that day:

brigitte bardot and jacques charrier
iconic BB
Brigitte bardot wedding day
brigitte bardot 50s
brigitte bardot husband


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