Gucci’s New Model Considered One Of The 100 Most Beautiful Women In The World

Her name is Armine Harutyunyan and she’s the model of the moment, the girl everyone is talking about after the new Gucci campaign.

After all, the well known Italian brand is known for its cutting edge casting, thrusting new faces and unknown models into the spotlight. This season at Milan Fashion Week it’s the turn of the charismatic Armenian model (and artist) Armine, 23 years old, who definitely stole the show on the prestigious runway.

Alessandro Michele’s latest collection, already known all around the world, certainly caught our attention, and Armine’s unusual beauty made sure that we remembered her name.

“Don’t be part of the mass. Be unique, be different”, she said.

As for her Gucci experience, Armine says:

“It was like a dream-come-true, which, funnily enough, I have never even thought about. Everything happened in the most unexpected way and in the most unexpected place imaginable. I was in Berlin for my favourite band’s concert, and one morning, while strolling around the city, I was approached by a fashion scout, who asked to take my picture and exchange contacts. A month later that same scout informs me that my picture was sent to Gucci and that they want to see me at the casting for walking in their show.”

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