The Beverly Hills Hotel Reveals $8,500-Per-Night Marilyn Monroe Bungalow

Some like it haute.

Almost 60 years have passed since her tragic death, but the world keeps talking about her.

The last news refers to one of the bungalows in the luxurious Hollywood hideaway – Bungalow #1A, named after her —  where Marilyn spent most of her time at the hotel.  Its glamorous design incorporates aspects of Marilyn’s life and includes elements reflective of her most celebrated movie roles.

Marilyn’s living room in her bungalow
Marilyn’s bedroom

Marilyn’s favorite bungalow features curvy furnishings, bright and abstract floor coverings, colorful travertine stones, and gold-leafed ceilings.  You can also find a living room with dining area, fireplace and half bath, master suite, full master bath and dressing room and private terrace.

The bungalow also features Chanel No. 5 perfume bar, Chanel bath amenities and a library featuring classic Marilyn films and books.

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