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Vintage Love: 10 Of the Best Love Photos Taken By the Greatest Photographers Of All Time

Love can actually stand the test of time.

We all have a romantic side, after all. We have selected for you 10 of the most beautiful and moving love shots taken by some of the greatest and talented photographers ever existed, from Henri Cartier-Bresson to Robert Doisneau.

Let yourself be inspired!


Robert Doisneau, Les jonquilles, Paris, 1950.
Morris Engel, Coney Island Embrace, New York City, 1938.
Vivian Maier, On the Bus, Florida, 1960.
Henri Cartier-Bresson, Ile de la CitΓ©. Square du Vert-Galant, Paris, 1955.
Alfred Eisenstaedt, Farewell Kiss, Penn Station, New York, 1943.
Vintage Military Kiss (15)
Returning Home, New Hope, Pennsylvania, 1945.
Paul McDonough, Couple With Baby in Newspaper, Central Park, 1978.
Edouard Boubat, Les amoreaux des bancs publics, Paris, 1999.
Ralph Morse, American soldier kissing his English girlfriend in Hyde Park, 1945.
Hippie Couple, Woodstock, 1969.

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