6 Items To Easily Get Audrey Hepburn’s Autumn Style

Audrey Hepburn is well-known all around the world for her simple and elegant style.

She is the perfect example that simplicity is the key-word of true class.

Here 7 items to inspire your autumn wardrobe. Read below!


1 – Sweater

So basic, but so refined. Choose a black one: it flatters every woman and lights up your face.


2 – Ballet Flats

The evergreen ballerinas. Comfortable and feminine.


3 – Cigarette Pants

Perfect to wear with ballet flats, high waist cigarette pants make your legs look leaner and longer.


4 – Striped T-Shirt

Cigarette pants + ballet flats + striped shirt = sooo cool!


5 – The Trench Coat

If you think about Audrey Hepburn’s style, that’s the first thing that should come to your mind!


6 – Elegant-Shaped Sunglasses

So Parisian chic!




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