7 Steps To Get Jane Birkin’s Iconic Style

She has been Serge Gainsbourg‘s eternal muse (and partner), and one of 60’s and 70’s most influential fashion icons. Hermès even created a handbag dedicated to her.

Jane Birkin‘s influence on the fashion world hasn’t decreased with the passing of the years. She still is a role model for many girls and women around the world.

“My look is a cocktail. I’m not as nicely turned out as the french, but I don’t care like the English.”

  • Jane Birkin

We have selected for your 7 steps to get her unique style. Read below!

1 – Bed hair and relaxed look.

Never be too made up!


2 – Choose mini dresses + flat shoes.


3 – Wear over-the-knee boots.


4 – Must-have: White T-shirt + Flared jeans.

For the perfect 70’s look!


5 – For the night, always dare!

But in a cool way, of course. If you have big breasts don’t choose this outfit! 😉


6 – Wear a blouse with a sweater.

Jane’s favorite match!


7 – Chic hats!

For the perfect French-English style!



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