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La Belle Vie: Parisian Girls in All Their Splendor

Porcelain skin, aristocratic bearing, innate elegance…Parisians, in the matter of fashion, have always had a certain influence on women’s style choices.

Many photographers have immortalized them through the years, from Jacques-Henri Lartigue to Patrick Demarchelier, and they’ve never lost their mysterious allure.

“If there were no French women, life wouldn’t be worth living.”

―  Friedrich Engels

Olivier Goldsmith, the famous Irish novelist, said once:

“A French woman is a perfect architect in dress: she never, with Gothic ignorance, mixes the orders; she conforms to general fashion only when it happens not to be repugnant to private beauty.”

To pay tribute to these marvelous ladies, we have selected some pictures taken through the years that perfectly capture their iconic charm. Have a look at the gallery!

jacques-henri-lartigue renee 1931
Renée. Carretera de Paris a Aix-les-Bains, 1931. Photo by Jacques-Henri Lartigue.
Parisian women, 40s.
Parisians in a lazy afternoon, 50s.
Catherine Deneuve having a break, early 60s.
Anna Karina and Jean Paul Belmondo, 60s.
Late 60s.
Early 70s.


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