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How to Wear Elegantly a Pixie Haircut Like 60’s Icon Jean Seberg


Everyone thinks she’s French (after all, she spent half of her life in her beloved France), but she’s actually American: Jean Seberg has probably been one of the classiest and most fascinating American actresses ever.

With her delicate features she made fall in love some of the most important artists of the Sixties, like François Truffaut and Otto Preminger.

Among her films, the one that obtained the biggest success was, without a doubt, Breathless: directed by François Truffaut and played by Seberg and the charming French actor Jean-Paul Belmondo, the film became an international success and critics praised Seberg’s performance. François Truffaut even defined her “the best actress in Europe”.

But the film has been remembered through the years especially for the wonderful (and totally Frenchy) pixie haircut showed off by Seberg.

If you want to change your look, keep in mind: pixie haircut can also be classy and feminine. Jean Seberg proved it. Have a look at the gallery!

Jean S (7)








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